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This system is internationally applicable.
The currently available program is based on the interpretation of the EU-VO2092/91 in Germany.
To use this system in other member states, it can easily be adapted to the specifications and needs of the respective country in a timely manner.

for the fist time, in the realm of inspections, processes all susceptible data digitally and documents the results.

integrates all inspection-related data in the system. This makes it easier especially for plausibility calculations, and all other calculations in the eco-inspection realm such as stable area, roam area of the livestock, and animal occupancy. If there is any missing applications or permits at the time of the inspection, they can be printed out and singed on site. This provides substantial time-savings.

The inspections can be carried out from a laptop or a Handheld in a timely manner reliably and securely, without costly paper usage.

The results of the inspection can be transmitted and posted simultaneously at the company, the Board of Control, cultivation associations and the governmental agencies.

verifies the results of the inspection to ensure that all questions have been answered. Only then is the print out of the inspection report permitted. The great benefit is that any evaluation can't be forgotten. This ensures that the inspection is complete and therefore carried out properly.

saves not only time with the inspection but also cost, and above all paper. This System is compatible with other systems and can for example be used in conjunction with other databases for backtracking and quality control.
(i.e..  System   Quatis-F - Quality-Tracability-Information-System-Food  TÜV VITACERT GMBH TÜV SÜD GRUPPE).

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