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With OEKOKON the Board of Control gets a certification system that is a completely new endeavor. This endeavor uses the new technical possibilities with existing data bases. For example in the field of agriculture every farmer fills out a so called multi request by may 15th at the latest. In this multi request the cultivated crop is accurately indicated with the help of  code, i.e. 120 = rye. Furthermore an exact listing exists of the field areas within a registered land size and agriculturally utilizable space (LF), of the the company. The crops are assigned to these field areas accordingly. The digitally collected data of the fields are the basis for the surface area related agrarian subsidy starting 2004. The size of the fields and the crops are not only present as text, i.e. size and crop, but also as a
graphic display . In these digital recordings of the managed surface area the optically characterized, unmanaged surface areas are excluded accordingly. This digital collection of the field areas also includes the agricultural buildings with their boundaries clearly marked and recognizable. The mass of the agricultural buildings are recognized in accordance with the respective land surveying offices. The same applies to the livestock kept. The livestock data reflecting the age, weight and yearly average existence of the respective animal species, is recorded as an instance.


The philosophy of OEKOKON is to take over the currently entered data from the InterNet, instead of, as in the presently used procedures, sending of annual reports with high administration expense  and employing both the Board of Control and the company manager. The downloading of the data from the InerNet is both more complete and more efficient, since there are no number turners. Through Illegibility or non completeness of filled out forms and questionnaires the updating of the data is obstructed. According to experience, updating of data and faulty or incomplete returns can be very costly (i.e. postage).


At first glance it appears absurd, that the Board of Control does the data acquisition "for the farmer". However if examined more closely such a systematic data acquisition is time-saving at the Board of Control because it is considerably more  efficient, precise and economical.


Complete data record
With the help of the data downloads and the systematic of OEKOKON, there is a substantially accelerated certification process created for all.