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customer relation - productivity - security - economy

Customer relation

Customer loyalty - companies.
Increase the customer satisfaction through:

  • fast and unbureaucratic permit procedures.
  • current bestowing of the conformity proofs.

Customer loyalty - associations.
Perfect service for associations through data-exchange.

  • Problem cases can be resolved on a joint platform (crisis management).
  • changed company data are constantly updated (customer Knowledge).
  • extensive analyses are possible on the basis of current numbers (who produces what and how much).



Co-worker motivation is heightened:

  • slimmed down processes make the workload easier and make routine tasks faster.
  • transparent structures allow easier Information exchange.



Even highly motivated and well trained co-workers can make mistakes in the report-system.
Protect your company from liability to a
uthorities and unions.



OekoKon was developed to carry out inspections more efficient and securely, thus making them more economical. Since 90% of all inspections carried out with the help of Oekokon will produce no paperwork, the administrative workload of the Board of Control can be planed out  more efficiently, thus making the investment in the Oekokon System pay for itself after only 12 month.